How to choose the best aquarium filter for fish tank setup

The best aquarium filter is basically the most important part when setting up a freshwater fish tank. If you don’t have this then the water in your fish tank will become similar to a stagnant pond with almost nothing will able to live in the water except the green algae.


The external filter is actually more along the lines of a sump tank a bit below the main tank and is mainly used for salt water tanks. This includes an internal tube which lets water flow down into the sump wherein it is pumped from a series of filters which collect all the waste and bad organisms. The filter then pumps the filtered water back into the top of the main tank thereby maintaining the continuous flow. This can be a great filter choice but can also be a bit expensive while also creating a bit of background noise.


Choosing external canister filters can be a great choice for any fish tank if you can afford it. Almost all the filtering tasks are done outside the fish tank which keeps the filtered water separate from the unfiltered water until it returns back into the tank. There are two long hoses which connect the filter and the tank. One supplies the filter while the other returns the filtered water into the tank. This external filter is the most effective but can also be a bit expensive.


You can purchase any of these filters for your fish tank from the local pet store but you might have a hard time in finding the expensive external type of filter at your local store. The other sump type of filter will basically require a tank which is either custom made or altered. Therefore if you are spending some extra money on this type of fish tank filter system then it would be wise to spend your money on the best quality external fish tank filter. This is because the external fish tank filter might cost your more initially but in the long run you will save a lot of money on maintenance while also providing the best habitat for the fish to live.

For any fish tank setup, both a filter and heater are important along with lights. Without a filter the fish tank will become a polluted pond. Fish tank filters keep the tank or aquariums clean and water remains fresh for a longer duration. Selecting the right filter for a fish tank as per its size is the basic requirement. Maintenance of fish tank filters is the key for longer health of the aquarium fish. The combination of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration is necessary to keep a clean tank. The filter will keep oxygen flowing in the tank equally and allow fish to remain alive in fresh water for a longer period.

Filters increase the life of fish in tanks as well as that of the tanks themselves. Fish tank filters, along with their required accessories, will enable cycling of water correctly in the tank. Filtration is required to filter out wastes and impurities. Use of fish tank filters enables you to keep the water environment clean and remove dirt from the glass walls. Advanced filters can be used for best results as per your budget. Selecting a proper fish tank filter as per your requirements is not a problem once you know what to look for. However it creates a big problem when an improper fish tank filter is purchased.

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