A 5 gallon fish tank is useful for busy hobbyists

A 5 gallon fish tank is useful for those who are busy or don’t have enough space to keep. You can get this aquarium at a very low price so if you want to have an aquarium and lacking for money don’t worry. Besides, you can set up a Betta fish tank with this size tank.


The advantage of keeping a 5 gallon aquarium is that they take very less space and small in size to fit wherever you want may be in your hall or in the bed room. They are also very easy to set up even if it is small you can do lots of thing with it. You can get both tropical and freshwater fish as they are colorful and easy to handle.


To set up a 5 gallon aquarium the things you will need is a filter for 5 gallon fish tank. They don’t look very good in such a small tank so get something which is unremarkable. Get a heater. Heater is normally use for tropical fishes so if you are planning to keep freshwater fishes you doesn’t need one.

If you are planning to set a natural look for your tank sorry but you cant as the tank is very small and you will need natural plants for it which will not fit in the tank. It is better to go with a fake look. So get some colored gravel, sunken ships or you can use sand and gravel mix with some shiny marbles or glass beads. Even you can add rock or bowl to 5 gallon aquarium where your fishes can hide.


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